Friday, January 14, 2011

Aina's Home Coming..

Well..Wednesday evening..Aina was discharge...The news received during the afternoon but Aina only can be discharge in the evening cause the doc is waiting for the NICU specialist to give the final green the doctors have to prepare summary report..set Aina's appointment..prepare some papers... almost 5 pm...wifey called..Final word have been given !! AINA CAN BE DISCHARGE!!!CONFIRMED!!Woot!!woot!!...Alhamdulillah...feel so damn happy..nothing cant be described how i felt..only God knows...macam nak lompat lompat pun ada....macam nak declare esok cuti satu malaysia pun ada..
Date : 11th January 2011
Reached HUKM around 8 pm with myself having a minor headache (Aina punya pasal no problem punyo..)...Went to NICU..took the discharge Aina's bill at the Emergency Counter...took Aina's 1 months of medicine then go up to NICU again...

In NICU...sign up some release papers...and the nurse explained Aina's next already has 3 appointments..or is it 4 appointments??..haiyark..have to recheck again..i can only remember 1 in February and 2 in March..
Date : 11th January 2011
Around 9 pm something we leave HUKM...drop by at in law's house...for Aina to meet her Nenek, Mak Ngah and her nephews and picked up wifey's stuff...she couldn't met Atuk as Atuk was at surau..however..Aina's was sound asleep (like always) the whole time there...

Then straight to Granny's house..where Aina will be stay at the moment.. reached there around 10 plus...

and now....lets the real adventure begins....


  1. yey.. dah baby dah balik..ngeee~

  2. moga aina terus sihat n cepat2 besar k..
    aina comel sgt, grm tgk mata besar die...hihi
    ika tengah tunggu k.long deliver baby die skrg ni..anytime..
    hrp2 semuanye slmt...

  3. hehehee..thanks moon and ika...insyaAllah Aina makin sihat...insyaAllah k.long ika selamat..selamat menyambut anak buah yek ika..

  4. good luck and be strong guys....
    take care okey.

  5. alhamdulillah :D
    semoga Aina sihat sentiasa. comelnye dia, rasa mcm nak picit2 aje pipi tuu xD

  6. Alhamdulillah.

    Semoga dia membesar dgn sihat. Baby sgt comel