Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Name is Aina Maheera...I Am 8 Days Old..

Please allow me to introduce you to my precious little princess... Aina Maheera
Alololololo....Aina is so shy...she covered face with her hand...huhuhuhuhu....looks so cute..
Most of the time Aina is normal babies does...only once a while she woke up and cry a bit..then falls asleep again...
Aina still needs a feeding tube to feed...
Even she just 8 days old...but she have went 2 surgeries due to her complication...First one can be read here

PV Shunt Insertion Surgery : 2nd Surgery

On Thursday, dated 30th Dec 2010, Aina undergo another surgery...PV Shunt insertion surgery on her head in order to reduce her brain pressure and to flow the CFC liquid to her stomach..due to hydrocephalus...Her age that time was 5 days old.
i was there before she was admitted to the Operation Theater until the surgery was done...
Alhamdulillah..the surgery went well...

After the surgery, Aina was asleep due to the effect of 'anesthetic'...May Allah protect her and heal her pain and wound...
 Due to the usage of anesthetic for the surgery..Aina required breathing support...
Be strong daddy's strong...i know u will...
 Aina and her new cubicle....May Aina rest well and heal well...daddy and ibu can only pray for u..Be a strong girl..May Allah protect my little Aina...and heal her...


  1. semoga baby cepat sembuh..menjalani kehidupan normal spt baby2 yg lain.. insyaallah, aku turut doakan kesihatan utk Aina Maheera..

  2. she looks so cute..
    insyaallah everythg will be fine 1 sweet day..

  3. thanks for all your wishes...alhamdulillah..Aina makin sihat..thanks..

  4. Anak saya Spina Bifida dah dah lalui apa yang Aina Maheera lalui.

    sedih masa tu. sekarang anak saya dah darjah satu, sekolah di sekolah kebangsaan biasa. Alhamdulillah

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