Friday, January 21, 2011

PV Shunt Insertion..

I did mention that Aina had her 2nd surgery on 30th December 2010..and it was PV Shunt insertion surgery..
Dated 30th December 2010.
Why do she need for this procedure? 
It is because of her hydrocephalus and by inserting a VP Shunt, the increased pressure inside her skull due to excess CSF fluid  on her brain (hydrocephalus) can be relieved.

The VP shunt is placed at the right side of Aina's head..just behind the ears..What they do?? make it simple...VP Shunt insertion is to insert a valve (fluid pump) underneath her skin at the back of her right ear...this valve is connected to the brain's ventricle thru a small thin tube. Then from the valve...there is another thin tube which runs from the valve to her belly... This thin tube to her belly was also placed underneath her skin from the back to her right ear, to her neck and to her belly thru her chest...

How it is work?? OK...when there are extra pressure builds up around her brain...the valve ( fluid pump ) will open and the excess fluids will drains out of it into her belly where the fluid will be disgusted.

And this VP Shunt is permanent...meaning she will have to wear it all her life..If the shunt is faulty or damaged..then another surgery has to be performed to replaced it..

So far..for Aina's case..the surgery is a success...alhamdulillah...her head measurement deceased and physically me & wifey..notice that her head is becoming almost normal size..alhamdulillah...
Date : 13th January 2011
And alhamdulillah...her VP Shunt Surgery wound also healed very well...and so far...we did not notice anything that she uncomfortable about the VP Shunt...Alhamdulillah...

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